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Our Mission

  • Competitive advantages for our customers
    We develop and distribute commercially-driven industry solutions for the various trades operating in the construction sector. Our aim is to provide our customers with leading-edge software to help them meet the challenges of managing business information and securing a long-term competitive advantage.



  • Increasing added value
    Our software is designed to consistently enhance the benefits and added value that can be achieved with IT systems. We see ourselves as innovators when it comes to more effective and rational resource planning in the construction sector, and as such aim to play an active role in shaping the future of our society. Our business activity is based firmly on and guided by respect for justice and the law as well as modern core social values.

Our Market

  • Market leadership
    Our aim is to be a market-leading provider in the niche market in which we operate.



  • Individual solutions
    We offer individually tailored service packages in our target markets that are designed to increase the added value of our solutions. These include on-site consulting services as well as customized offerings for implementation, training and finance.



  • Customer loyalty 
    We have learned that the key to customer loyalty lies in continuously improving the cost-effectiveness of our products and services. In the service sector, achieving high hotline availability with short processing and throughput times is crucial. On the product side, the scalability of our software enables our customers to adapt performance to their individual requirements. Regular updates of the installed systems also mean that customers stay up-to-date at all times. By integrating our customers in the development and support processes we are able to keep a close eye on what is happening in the market and identify changing and new requirements at an early stage.



  • Educational institutions, press and associations 
    We aim to use the close co-operation traditionally enjoyed with organizations, educational institutions and the trade press to disseminate IT knowledge related to the construction industry and to promote greater use of IT. In doing so, our business benefits from increased awareness and an enhanced reputation for our solutions.

Our Products

  • Technological leadership
    A key factor when it comes to successfully achieving our mission is the technological leadership of our products in the market segments in which we operate. This demands the implementation of innovative concepts as well as the rapid and full implementation of industry-specific functionality. From a visual standpoint, our software meets these requirements by providing the look and feel of the latest generation of operating systems. We serve the mobile computing market - seen by many as a major growth area of the future - by developing interfaces and application software for digital appliances such as pocket PCs.



  • Interoperability
    The versatility and easy interoperability of our products mean they can be used in a wide variety of organizational and IT environments. We offer communication and synchronization with market-leading standard software as well as compatibility with current communication media and compliance with current standards for file transfer and storage.



  • Ergonomics
    We know that innovation, being up-to-date and performance only translate into usability with good ergonomics. This demands continuous scrutinization of software processes with regard to their user-friendliness and ease of operation. The robustness of installation processes and the stability and resilience of the software are further key considerations in development and quality assurance.

Our Identity

  • Growth and a guaranteed future
    To compete and to grow in the dynamic IT environment, our company needs to develop not only continuously, but also rapidly. Central to this development are our employees, who support and help shape the required process of change and continuous renewal. In actively facing this challenge, employees are guaranteed a rewarding career and the company benefits from greater productivity, which in turn means greater job security.



  • Improvement
    We want to learn about and implement the latest technology and monitor its usefulness and performance in the field. We will never stop looking for ways of executing processes that are simpler, better or more cost-effective, and we will follow up on all suggestions aimed at ensuring the continued existence of the company.



  • Identification
    We want to be the kind of company that our employees can really identify with.



  • Corporate citizenship 
    Long-term business success involves achieving our economic goals as well corporate citizenship in the context of commitment to a socially responsible and environmentally sound free market economy. This means respecting human rights and other basic rights, particularly in relation to the voluntary assumption of social responsibility, the careful use of resources, active environmental protection and the promotion of education and further training both inside and outside of the company.



This mission statement is an expression of our common values and shapes the way in which we think and act. It must be adhered to by each and every individual in the company and is a central element of every management decision.