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Early morning, around eight ...

… and you arrive on site. Everything about this house is old – you can tell at a glance. Your customer plans a complete modernisation and the wiring needs replacement. As he isn’t sure about the costs, he needs detailed quotations: one as flush-mounted and one with a cable channel. And of course as fast as possible, because he has already received quotations from a number of your competitors and wants to make the decision quickly.
No problem. You start measuring. You think this could be a nice reference for your company and maybe lucrative too. A short time later you’re on your way back to the office.

Your quotation solution

You have already entered the data for your new customer. You now retrieve the data via the customer list and transfer it to the quotation at a click of a button. Using either the keyboard or mouse you can execute all of the necessary commands in an instant. The method that you choose is entirely down to your own personal preference and the amount of free desk space that you have.

Because Edison has saved in its memory all the calculations and math for your electrical services, along with the latest product and price lists for your trade suppliers, you can begin the calculation process immediately. On the screen you display materials and pre-calculated services and select the desired items, again, at the click of a button. The daily price of non-ferrous metals such as copper, for example, is incorporated into the costing automatically. You can enter all or some of the measurements immediately or later. Edison can also create a costing proposal using approximate values and takes the different margins with respect to the object size, customer, distance, etc. that you predefined into account. You can of course adjust surcharges or discounts and apply changes either globally or just for specific orders.

The programme also provides you with planning aids that assist you in calculating the necessary hourly charge out rate.
Your quotation is now ready. You check the displayed profit figures carefully and adjust the figures and margins to suit your needs, yet again, at the click of a button. It couldn’t be simpler. Finally, you print out the quotation and pop it in the afternoon post. Time for lunch. Enjoy your meal!
The next morning, your customer has received the quotation and is already on the phone impressed by your prompt service. He has decided for the flush-mounted installation, although a few further changes have to be made. An additional intercom needs to be installed and he wonders if you could add this to the quotation. You take a quick look at your computer and reply confidently: “No problem, I’ll get onto it right away”.


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