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A nice day...

... too nice to work you think, but then you are immediately brought back to reality when the telephone rings. The caller is a new customer who you were recommended to. He wants to modernise an old building. Full thermal insulation, but it has to be done properly and he wants you to take a look before he makes a decision. He wants you come straight away as your competitor was already there. “Of course, with pleasure” you answer, and enter his name and address into your computer.
A few minutes later you are on site. About 800 square meters of walls, four ceilings and some repairs. While you are making your notes, the customer looks over the samples you brought with you. Well, it’s not easy to decide, if you could offer him some alternatives? Sure, no problem. Together you choose the most suitable ones.
“How long do I have to wait for your quote?” asks your customer with some scepticism, as he cannot waste any more time and wants to make a decision quickly. “Let me surprise you” you answer with a disarming confidence. A short time later you are on your way back to the office.

Your quotation solution

You have already entered the data for your new customer. You now retrieve the data via the customer list and transfer it to the quotation at a click of a button. Using either the keyboard or mouse you can execute all of the necessary commands in an instant. The method that you choose is entirely down to your own personal preference and the amount of free desk space that you have. Because Contura has saved in its memory all the calculations and math for your plastering and dry lining services, along with the latest product and price lists for your trade suppliers, you can begin the calculation process immediately.



On the screen you display materials and pre-calculated services and select the desired items, again, at the click of a button. You can enter all or some of the measurements immediately or later. Contura can also create a costing proposal using approximate values and takes the different margins with respect to the object size, customer, distance, etc. that you predefined into account. You can of course adjust surcharges or discounts and apply changes either globally or just for specific orders. The programme also provides you with planning aids that assist you in calculating the necessary hourly charge out rate.



Your quotations are now ready, three versions as requested. You print them out, ready for dispatch. Before you close the programme, you place these documents in your follow-up list. Contura will remind you tomorrow morning to chase the client. Finally you just pop the quotations in the afternoon post.Self-satisfied you lean back; it is still a very nice day.
The next morning, the customer calls and tells you he is both impressed and surprised. Your competitor’s quotations have not arrived yet. Though, a few new things have come to his mind. Nothing big, but would it be possible to change the quotation? Of course you answer, and note down his fax number.


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