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A typical working day, …

… a not-so-typical job. The job is a highquality bathroom renovation project, with perhaps some work in the living room as well. The customer is a property manager who has just taken charge of a number of old buildings. Because there is a lot of work to do, with the prospect of more to come, this job needs to be done quickly and your business partner asks if you could come and look at the apartment right away. He has already obtained quotations from a number of your competitors and wants to make a decision quickly. But of course, you’d be delighted to. And you’re immediately on your way.

When you arrive at the site, you see that the bathroom needs to be retiled. The living room is to be tiled in marble, though a decision has yet to be made as to what type. No problem. You decide to pay a visit to your showroom.

Your customer certainly has good taste and wants nothing but the best. Back at the office you immediately set about creating the quotation.

An offer too good to refuse

You have already entered the data for your new customer. You now retrieve the data via the customer list and transfer it to the order. You use the keyboard to execute all of the necessary commands – with Ceram you have the option of using both the keyboard and the mouse. The method that you choose is entirely down to your own personal preference and the amount of free desk space that you have.

Jack-of-all-trades: Quick overview of even the most extensive product ranges

Because Ceram has saved in its memory all of the piece rates for tiling services, the latest item and price lists for wholesalers as well as overall calculations, you can begin the calculation process immediately. On the screen you display materials and pre-calulated services and select the desired items at the click of a button. You can enter all or some of the measurements immediately or later. Ceram can also create a costing proposal using approximate values and takes the different margins with respect to the object size, customer, distance, etc. that you predefined into account. You can of course adjust the surcharges or the grand total, add wage rates once they have been agreed and apply changes to schedules and pay scales either globally or just for specific orders when you commission subcontractors, for example.

Partnership: Ceram lists all of the required wage work in the costing

The programme also provides you with planning aids that assist you in calculating the necessary hourly rate for your business.

Your quotation is ready. You check the displayed profit figures carefully. Looking good! Satisfied, you print out the quotation ready to post. Before exiting the programme, you add the document to the electronic followup list. Ceram will remind you to follow up the customer on Monday morning. You leave work for the evening happy at a job well done.