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Ceram Office - Software dedicated to your trade.

While attention to detail may not always be considered a virtue, in software development it is an absolute must. Thatís why with Sander & Doll this thoroughness is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Using our experience, diligence and expert knowledge, we develop industry solutions that are among the best in the business. Our solutions have achieved excellent results in numerous benchmark tests and are highly recommended by trade organisations. More importantly, they are used by many happy customers, and at the end of the day thatís what really counts. 

Ceram. The product of a good family.

Whilst we may have succeeded in creating a good product with Ceram, our work doesnít stop there. Continuously developing the product and keeping our customers up-to-date with the latest technology requires long-term, customer-driven thinking.

We actively pursue our business philosophy of ensuring long-term customer satisfaction by providing practical solutions that in turn ensure our own success.

So whatís in it for you? You get reliability thanks to solid programme structures. Guaranteed updates through maintenance agreements. Advice from industry experts. And a friendly hotline that is even available for you on Saturdays.

Sander & Doll has offices in the UK and right across Europe, so support is never more than just a phone call away. You should not settle for anything less when you are choosing software that is intended to remove all of the obstacles that stand between you and your job. You need a solution that reduces your workload, keeps you in the picture and, last but not least, saves you money.

To find out exactly what Ceram can do for you, read on!

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